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Sound Investment: Rose Cousins and her 2016 project



Confession: I don’t know enough about Kickstarter. I used to think it was a website where inventors could raise funds to develop fascinating things like a bagel toaster that doubles as a mini-snowblower. I didn’t realize it was also used to generate funds for arts projects. That’s cool.

What’s cooler? Musicians I dig turn to Kickstarter for support on their projects. When I came across Rose Cousins’ post on Facebook last week, I was intrigued. And it got me thinking: we are living in amazing times. Following an international artist on Apple Music and receiving their “exclusive content” is great and all, but I don’t feel any closer to Coldplay today than I did yesterday. Supporting an independent artist, on the other hand, by pledging to support the recording of an album? The only way you can top that kind of connection to a musician is by placing a $50 bill in Rose’s hand. And I think she’d find that a bit uncomfortable. Continue reading