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"If the world is so wrong, then you can take it on with one song."


Harvest Swoon: Kathleen Edwards

(Photo Credit: Tanja Tiziana)

I am by no means a fan of the blues, but I enjoy the vibe around downtown Fredericton when the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival arrives in early September. Most years I manage to find at least one show I’m interested in seeing. This year, hands down, it’s Kathleen Edwards.

I was in between jobs (read: unemployed) when Failer was released in 2003 (and haha, how fitting. I was already feeling a little Failer-ish at the time.) I borrowed her disc from the public library I worked at a few hours a week. I am an unabashed fan of women singer-songwriters, so she had me there. I loved her sound: a little alt-country, a little bit influenced by Neil Young, lyrics that suggested she’s had her heart broken more than a few times and that she might be a bit of a bad ass. Continue reading