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"If the world is so wrong, then you can take it on with one song."

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In my backyard: Elliott BROOD


Elliott BROOD is louder than this photo suggests (Lady Bee photo)

You could say Santa has made an early visit to Fredericton, because there is no shortage of live music presents for the indie music fan. I’ve already secured my tickets for Jenn Grant and Joel Plaskett at the Wilmot United Church for Shivering Songs, as well as a pair of tickets for the February Frank Turner gig that sold out fairly quickly (phew!) I have friends catching Ben Caplan and Great Lake Swimmers in a few weeks. Seeing Elliott BROOD was not quite a last minute decision, but given how much I’ve spent on this winter’s entertainment it took a little convincing. I knew they were a fun live band, so NoonanMan and I decided to join our tribe for a fun night out at The Capital. Continue reading


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How to endure winter: attend a gig, rinse, repeat.

hip b&wI didn’t go out of my way to make New Year’s Resolutions, although I did promise myself to write more. And since the only way I can get my dear West Coast friend S’s voice out of my head reminding me “Yeah, get on that! I’m tired of going to your blog and seeing that picture of Kathleen Edwards,” here I am on January 16, excitedly chatting about a few gigs I’ll seeing soon. Thanks for your patience. Continue reading


Harvest Swoon: Kathleen Edwards

(Photo Credit: Tanja Tiziana)

I am by no means a fan of the blues, but I enjoy the vibe around downtown Fredericton when the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival arrives in early September. Most years I manage to find at least one show I’m interested in seeing. This year, hands down, it’s Kathleen Edwards.

I was in between jobs (read: unemployed) when Failer was released in 2003 (and haha, how fitting. I was already feeling a little Failer-ish at the time.) I borrowed her disc from the public library I worked at a few hours a week. I am an unabashed fan of women singer-songwriters, so she had me there. I loved her sound: a little alt-country, a little bit influenced by Neil Young, lyrics that suggested she’s had her heart broken more than a few times and that she might be a bit of a bad ass. Continue reading