The Bee Side

"If the world is so wrong, then you can take it on with one song."

About Me

Once upon a time, I was an awkward teenager with chronic bad hair days and widely spaced teeth who dreamed of becoming a radio announcer. It was a dream triggered by a borderline obsessive love of music and inspired by voices that always spoke of the music they played with incredible passion, whether it was CBC’s Brave New Waves or an overnight jock. I was lucky enough to live that dream for several years as a jock and later a music director at a few small-to-medium market stations. The pay sucked, as a few of my friends can attest, but I had a good time.

Then, in 2000, I became a mom and my priorities changed. Dream job gave way to making a better living. Several years, one more child and one university degree later, life is pretty good (I mean, I still need braces, but I have better hair days.) I miss my previous career now and again. Mostly, I miss being able to share the music I’m passionate about with others. But, wait! Thanks to the Internets, I can actually do that again! So I do that right here.

Other loves of my life include my fabulous and hilarious friends, the New York Yankees, knitting, running, good reads, coffee, more coffee, the beach, scoring secondhand Kate Spade bags on eBay, and microbrew beer. They all have a soundtrack.


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