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Insanely Great Album Review: In the Aeroplane Over The Sea

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Confession: I really don’t know much about Neutral Milk Hotel. I do, however, know a lot about April Ludgate of my favourite Thursday night story Parks and Recreation. A friend posted this on FB tonight from Vulture and I just had to share. Favourite line:

Once you hear Jeff Mangum howling about Anne Frank and ghosts and semen and bombs and medical specimens in jars and teeth and dead dogs and Holland in 1945 and synthetic flying machines and your mom sticking a fork in your dad’s shoulder, you will never be able to listen to, like, Third Eye Blind again without ripping your ears off.

April Ludgate, Pawnee’s finest music critic.

(props to my beloved Spiritual Twin for the clip – and trying to help me remember NMH’s music!)


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